Benefits You Can Achieve from the
BRS Professional Training Suite

Here is how the BRS Professional Training Suite can help you improve on your company’s effectiveness and your own personal skills

Business Benefits

The Five BRS Professional Training Modules

Achieving Better Business Outcomes
Benefits You Can Achieve:

Consistent, correct results for customers no matter what channel

Better rules to guide behaviour and decisions

Simplify, sharpen and innovate policies and processes
Bring clarity to policies and data

Provide superior customer experience

Ensure correct, complete and timely crafting and interpretation of policy

Better traceability to support compliance
Working Smarter
Save time and avoid risks

Ensure correctness

Boost collaboration and innovation

Consistent approach for creating solutions
Share, communicate and retain complex knowledge

Reduce complexity to manageable chunks

Understand how your business operates by analyzing decisions independently of IT
Know the reasons for operational decisions
Engage Subject Area Experts effectively

Reduce rework

Building Skills
Highly effective, highly skilled, results-oriented staff

Empowered staff

Better Requirements
Avoid creating capabilities that are not optimal or necessary for the business
Increase the value, speed and effectiveness of your requirements practices

Ensure requirements meet business needs

Provide clear motivation for requirements (individually and in groups)

Professional Benefits

The Five BRS Professional Training Modules

Benefits You Can Achieve:
Make yourself indispensable to your organization (knowing your organization’s knowledge)

Elevate your analysis skills from gathering requirements to creating business solutions

Boost your career

Engage your stakeholders

Ensure you add real business value to projects

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